Armaan's rain dance & street fight in classic style

Coming episodes of Star One’s, Dil Mil Gaye is planned to have a mixture of music and fight to glue the audience…

It is believed that when you are with your dream girl you can't think of anything else and when she is not with you the guy starts getting hallucinations of her presence. So, a track on similar lines is being worked upon on in Star One's, Dil Mil Gaye.

A Little Birdie tells us that, "The creative is working on a track wherein Armaan (Karan Singh Grover) and Shilpa (Shilpa Anand) are out for an outdoor health visit and certain situations and the rainy climate just turns them to groove on the dance number 'Bheegi se-Bhaagi se' from the movie Rajneeti. But there's a third character also who is a part of the sequence that's Armaan's dream love Riddhima (Jennifer Winget). Actually while dancing with Shilpa the hero is actually imagining Riddhima in her so, it's a dance sequence between Shilpa, Armaan and Riddhima."

Soon after all this cute imaginative track the viewers could surely look forward to see Armaan in a rough and tough angry young man look where Shilpa gets an opportunity to remove her frustration towards Armaan but unfortunately things just go out of her control.

Our Khabroo informs us that, "The channel is shooting for a track where Shilpa spots some Street fighters and being unknown about Armaan's past related to it just to teach him a lesson she pushes him into the fight. In the beginning of the fight Armaan doesn't hit back and in the process he gets brutally hurt and that is when Shilpa gets tensed and in scare just intertwines in the fight and the competitor harshly pushes her aside and the sight just brings alive the animal in Armaan and he hits back strongly and the scene develops affection within Shilpa towards Armaan."

So in short a spark of liking does light in Shilpa's heart. But the main gist of the sequence is that it has been shot in a very classic style. For the uninitiated Karan Singh Grover is personally getting himself trained in Tai- chi a form of martial arts so, they have incorporated some techniques from that style. So viewers would get an opportunity to see Karan performing some real life stunts too.

The rain dance track is scheduled to be aired in the coming Tuesday episode whereas the street fight track will be shot tomorrow and aired either coming Wednesday or Thursday.