The two chirpy ladies turn the cute host R. Madhavan speechless on Imagine TV’s, Big Money…

The cute host R. Madhavan couldn't flatter the two television female stars the way he woos the ladies in his movies. Instead he was left in a state of awkwardness by two popular faces Suhana aka Ragini Khanna and Laali aka Ratan Rajput who recently bumped on the sets of Imagine TV to play Big Money with him.

Both of them tried to flatter the host in their own character styles. Where Ratan on one hand tried to flirt with Maddy in her Bihari accent, then on the other side Ragini too wasn't behind in pursuing and made him shy by dancing with him.

When contacted Ragini Khanna in her usual bubbly tone asserted, "It was an awesome episode we had great fun and Madhavan is so cute we did salsa and enjoyed a lot. Also due to our hectic schedule Ratan and I rarely get time to meet each other so, this show came up as a reunion time for us too."

For the uninitiated, Ragini Khanna and Ratan Rajput were last seen together on screen in Imagine TV's serial Radha Ki Betiyaan and once the show ended they parted ways to become the leading ladies of two rival channels. But the fate had a unique way of bringing arch rivals back together to participate on a show where they donate their earnings to a charitable cause.

So do tune in to catch all the fun moments on Big Money.