Omi Vaidya popularly known for his character of Chatur in a Bollywood Blockbuster movie 3 Idiots is making his television debut as a host for Star plus upcoming show Chhote Ustaad.

As we all know that this show is all about singing talents among the kids but amidst all the musical creativity its Omi Vaidya who is getting himself trained to improve his Hindi language.
Perplexed but that's true..

Omi in his cute American accent Hindi asserted, "I understand the necessity of fluency of Hindi language to connect to the audience more strongly. Yes, I'm working on my language and I undergo a two hours session every day. So audience can expect an improvement in the same with time."

When inquired about his personal liking towards hosting he exclaimed, "I enjoy hosting a lot. Firstly because it has an immediate gratification and because we don't have a proper script it creates a feeling of unpredictability, anxiety and anxiousness among both the audience as well as the host himself so it's a great feeling."

So he signs off by promising to deliver lot of fun on the show.