Colors TV, Bairi Piya is planning for some major twist with romantic moments in coming episodes…

Amoli (Supriya Kumari) the protagonist of Colors TV, Bairi Piya is in for some traumatic time as she is fighting with her heart and soul to keep her hatred alive for Thakur Digvijay Singh (Sharad Kelkar).

As per the present storyline Amoli can see that Thakur is a completely changed person now. However the very fact that the same Thakur had earlier killed her husband Radhe (Shresth Kumar), does not allow her to sympathize with him.

A Little Birdie informed us that, "Thakur had now set Amoli free and he wants her to move out of his life and look for a new future. In tonight's episode Amoli will be seen packing her bag to get out of the house however certain situations will arrive that will force her to stay back to resolve the problem."

Viewers are in for a treat as they will be witnessing some fabulous chemistry and closeness between Thakur and Amoli in the coming episodes. But their happiness will be short lived as there will develop a track in their relationship.

The creative team is presently working on a major twist this will actually be an emotional drama that will unfold sometime next week.

Watch the coming episodes to witness the big twist in Bairi Piya.