Tomorrow's episode of Uttaran will see some high voltage drama when Vansh (Rohit Khurana) will shoot himself to death due to frustration. Ichcha (Tina Dutta) sees her husband dying and catches Veer (Nandish Sandhu) with a gun. She then blames Veer for Vansh's murder.

Our source says, "Vansh threatens to kill Tapasya when he gets to know about her sins. However Tapasya plays her card correctly, she makes Vansh feel so guilty for suspecting his own brother and wife that he loses his mind completely. She eggs him on some more by telling him that Ichcha has put her life at stake for him but he has made her life hell.

"At one point of time Vansh gets mad and shoots himself. Before coming to seek answers from Tapasya, Vansh calls Ichcha and Veer; he asks them to reach a place where he is going to meet Tapasya. Veer reaches first; he will be shocked to see Vansh in a pool of blood. Tapasya manages to escape from the sight. When Veer takes the gun and tries to understand what must have happened, Ichcha reaches there. She thinks Veer has killed her husband and starts accusing him."

Ichcha starts hating Veer and she will not accept any of his justifications. This track is likely to go on for two weeks. Later the focus of the story will shift on how Pushkar (Tapasya's mama) is responsible for bringing Masoom in the Thakur family.

As for the sequence which aired last night where Ichcha is pushed off the terrace by Vansh a la Baazigar our source confirms that this is nothing but a dream sequence.