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Thread: It's better late than never on Indian Idol

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    This week Tia Kar finds her way out of the show. The girl who has been repeatedly panned for her performances (there have been times when all three judges have given her a thumbs down) found herself marching into the next round, while the other, more deserving contestant got eliminated.

    Our source says, "Tia was not a good performer. In fact, we thought she will not last long in the show. Judges too have been asking Tia to improve and be versatile, but nothing worked for her. This week, the public finally made the right decision. Bhoomi Trivedi and Shivam Pathak were too in danger zone along with her. It wasn’t a birthday present she was expecting today.”

    It is said next week the 3 Idiots’ team Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor and Raju Hirani will be part of the show as they promote the television premier of their movie on Sony. Bhoomi Trivedi is the only girl left now to give the boys a tough competition!
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