Colors TV, Uttaran produced by Filmfarm Productions has a big high point coming in the episode to be aired on 15th July which will bring to an end the journey of one of the main protagonists. However the episodes prior to this also aim to captivate viewers' attention, one such scene being aired in tomorrow's episode (14th July).

For a change Vansh (Rohit Khurana) and Icha (Tina Dutta) have a romantic moment wherein Vansh gifts Icha a beautiful bridal outfit and Icha reciprocates by giving her husband a shirt. Vansh even plans a candle light dinner on the terrace for the two of them. Amidst soft romantic music on a breezy pleasant night Vansh and Icha have a close dance, a toast of wine and a candle light dinner.

A Little Birdie tells us that, "This will be one scene to look forward to as viewers will see scintillating chemistry coming from both the actors. However there will be a twist in the tail as Vansh has planned this night with an evil motive. He will get Icha drunk and ultimately will throw her off the terrace albeit a Shahrukh Khan's act of Baazigar."

When contacted Rohit Khurana accepted that a romantic scene is in the offering, "Yes it is a romantic night out for Icha and Vansh but what exactly happens is something that needs to be watched."

And as per the present storyline Vansh is extremely upset when he sees Icha and Veer (Nandish Sandhu) together. While spying on Icha he calls her to know about her whereabouts and loses his cool when Icha lies to him that she is with Ammo and this is when Vansh makes a plan of having a romantic date in which he will kill Icha.

Apparently there will be yet another twist in the tail where it will be revealed that Vansh throwing Icha from the terrace was a dream and nothing as such happens to Icha in reality. While he is parting with Icha on terrace he dreams of doing this deadly act but is ultimately stunned to see Icha standing in front of him.

Yes this is what happens when a guy loses his marbles completely.