Looks like the makers of Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo have done everything possible to milk Laali’s dard bhari story. And so it's time now to resort to the tried and tested tricks to keep the story alive. As, if sources from the show are to be believed, life will take a 360 degree turn for Laali when she will lose her memory post which there would be a leap after which Laali will return in a new avatar. The drama is all going to unfold soon as it is judgment day! Laali, Shekhar, Madhur, Rekha, Gangiya and of course Loha Singh have their lives turned upside down as their destinies change forever. While on one hand, Shekhar and Laali come together again, Madhur and Rekha’s marriage takes place. Loha realises the damage he has done to everyone, especially Laali but it’s too late.

The story will take a Mahabharat-like turn as Gangiya’s evil streak comes to the fore again as she creates her own Laakshagrah; with the intention of burning everyone alive inside the haveli! While Nandini falls prey to the plan, Gangiya runs away with the heir of the family. Mayhem ensues as Loha follows her but is blinded, Ranvijay to save his life marries Rekha and Shekhar in the confusion ends up shooting Laali!

But is it really the final war for Laali or just an end to a very dramatic phase of her life?

Ratan Rajpoot who plays Laali is overwhelmed as she says, “Laali is full of grit and grace. But she will not remain Laali anymore. The turmoil created in her life and of all the characters is too much for everyone to bear. And Laali stands affected the most…And who knows, it may be the last of Laali that viewers will get to see.”

And so the plot thickens!