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Thread: Piyush Sahdev makes a comeback with Pratigya

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    Default Piyush Sahdev makes a comeback with Pratigya

    As per the present storyline Pratigya (Pooja Gaur) is determined to fight the case of his father and get him out of jail whereas on the other hand Sajjan Singh (Anupam Shyam) wants to win the elections by hook or by crook doesn't want Pratigya to help her father in this case.

    Going against all odds Pratigya will start her hunt for a capable lawyer who can fight for her father however initially she is not successful in finding a lawyer as no one is ready to fight against the powerful Sajjan Singh.

    At this point enters Piyush Sahdev who plays the role of Amit Mathur a lawyer by profession.

    A Little Birdie tells us that, "Piyush enters as the parallel lead in the show and will have a long running role. While Pratigya is looking for a lawyer she bumps into Amit who, is dominating yet positive character. He belongs to a rich family and in due course of time his family will also be introduced. This guy enters as a positive character but there's a possibility of a twist here."

    When contacted, Piyush Sahdev confirmed the news to tellybuzz, "Yes I'm entering Pratigya. I play the role of a lawyer who is very capable and as the story unfolds he might fight the case in favor of Pratigya's father."

    Piyush who was last seen in Sony TV's show is back with a trim look talking on which he asserted, "While I was shooting for Meet I had put on lot of weight and during this break I worked on my body and lost 20 kgs. I took a break of nearly a year during which I was doing ramp shows."

    The actor will start shooting from tomorrow and his entry sequence will be aired this Friday.
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