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Thread: Mata Ki Chowki to emabrk on a new journey

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    Default Mata Ki Chowki to emabrk on a new journey

    In this age of Kalyug where evil prevails over good and humanity and that seems to have lost all moral values & spirituality. Sheel Kumar's death at the hands of Saakshi
    established that whenever evil flourishes, the good takes over and destroys it. With Sheelkumar's death an evil era ended and gave way to a new life full of newer challenges and responsibilities.

    According to the new storyline the story shifts to a small town in Ujjain where Saakshi's husband, Bali once lived with his family. After her marriage with Bali, Saakshi tells him to
    take her to her in-laws place. Hearing this Bali tells her that he has a past which he regrets very much. But Saakshi shows little interest in knowing about his past if it hurts him so much. Finally,
    Bali agrees to take Saakshi to meet his family. Bali and Saakshi are travelling to Ujjain in a bus
    but as fate would have it, they get separated during the journey and Sakshi reaches Ujjain alone.She bumps into Harinarayan's car who takes a helpless Saakshi to his home. Some members of Harinarayan's family don't welcome Saakshi whole heartedly. However, Harinarayan's elder daughter-in-law Radha supports her.

    Saakshi comes to know that Harinarayan considers his younger son, Rudravardhan to be dead.
    Kusumganga asks Harinarayan to forgive Rudravardhan but he says he will never forgive him
    for betraying Radha. Rudravardhan is none other than Bali and Radha his first wife. This bitter truth of life puts Saakshi in a dilemma and is unable to understand how to deal with it.

    So from now on 'MATA KI CHOWKI', from the Sahara One stable will embark on a journey that will see Mata's devotee Saakshi beginning a new life with Bali.
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