If sources are to be believed then the stork is soon going to visit Varsha (Pooja Joshi) as she is showing signs of pregnancy, though there are no confirmations in the show on that.

Sources suggest that Shaurya and Varsha will go the family way soon in the show. There was a time when Varsha's in-laws were pressurising them to start a family but Shaurya wasn’t very keen. But now with Varsha once again back in the Maheshwari family, things are going to change soon on a happier note.

Joshi confirmed the news. “Yes, I am going to be a mother very soon in the show! Don't ask me when, because that completely depends on the creative team. But it will happen soon."

The other change that is going to happen is that Rajshri and Vishambhar Maheshwari will plan to go abroad to fulfill their son's wish. Will they be able to go or will they stay back after hearing Varsha's news only time and the creative team will tell.