We don’t know if Shreeram will be the next IndiaN Idol or not. But, his silken voice has already started finding takers in the industry! One of the most talented singers of Indian Idol 5, Shreeram recently bagged his first big break with Salim and Suleiman Merchant. He recorded for his first song for a Telugu film with Shreya Goshal. TellyChakkar caught up with the soft spoken singer from Hyderabad.

How are you feeling?
Great! Like any other singer, I too had dreamt from childhood to be a playback singer. But, I had never thought that my first break will be with the leading talent of India.

How did this happen?
Once, during the ‘gala round' Salim Sir suggested I try my voice for a scratch song he had worked on for a Telugu film. Later, after one and a half months, he called me to his studio for some work. And, he surprised me with my first break! He said that the producers and the director liked my voice a lot and wanted me to sing a song for their film.

You are singing opposite the talented Shreya Goshal…
I feel extremely blessed and consider myself lucky I am doing playback with Shreya Goshal. This is like my dhamakedaar break. I remember I met her first in the studio. I was pleasantly surprised to know she had heard me in Indian Idol. She appreciated my singing and said I have a fresh voice.

Tell us more about the film and the song
It’s a Walt Disney movie, directed by Prakash, who is the son of the renowned Raghavendra Raga. It is a love song picturised on the lead cast - Siddharth and Shruti Hassan.

Are you comfortable singing a Telugu song?
Absolutely! I am a south Indian from Hyderabad and I do follow Telugu. Apart from that, I feel music has no language or barriers.

Idol is soon going to have a wild card entry. Whom do you think the judges will pick?
I think all the top 13 contestants are the best and deserving.