Now, in Imagine TV's Jyoti, Thisodia family has passed a word of acceptance for the marriage of Kabir (Aamir Dalvi) and Jyoti (Sneha Wagh), but on the other hand Raghavendra Pratap Singh (Ritu Raj Singh), Kabir's father, has some other plans for his son.

A little birdie informs us that, "As the Thisodia family has already decided that they will not allow Kabir to marry a low caste girl like Jyoti. So in tonight's episode the family takes the drastic decision of sacrificing their son to uphold their family prestige. So, audience will be shocked to see father and brother mixing poison in Kabir's milk... eventually taking Kabir to the jaws of death."

However, the creative will be maintaining suspense as to what exactly happens to Kabir after he was poisoned.

Our source also adds that, "In the mean time Kabir's Chachi would go to Jyoti's place to handover the Chunari as a token of acceptance from the Thisodia family and with harsh sarcasm hurts Jyoti's emotions."