This week's episode of Chak Dhoom Dhoom had an angry Saroj Khan requesting the viewers to vote for talent and not just for looks...

It looks as though the mentors of COLORS' Chak Dhoom Dhoom are hellbent on taking the best of the talents forward in the show, so that a deserving kid is crowned as the 'Dancing Star'...

The mentors have always expressed shock over the easy sailing that the little girl Swasti has had in the show, even after giving some mediocre performances. And this blew out of proportion when Swasti found herself in the bottom four yet again!!

This week Cyrus, Viren, Vaibhavi and Swasti were in the bottom four, and as per the format one of them had to bow out in Friday's episode. But according to our retrospect, Swasti always gets saved due to popular voting and now that's the point of concern for the judges.

A Little Birdie informed us that, "Judge Saroj Khan lost her cool this week when she saw that the junta was not voting right. She opened up saying that it's high time that audience should start appreciating real talent and not get carried away by one's cuteness, to which Ahmed Khan shared a word of acceptance."

The statement was uttered in such clear words that the wise ones understood that Masterji wanted to convey a point across.

Our source informed us that, "This lead to Swasti's dad feeling extremely offensive, so much so that he decided to make his daughter quit the show because he felt that she was equally talented and deserved to stay on in the show".

Catch the episode of Chak Dhoom Dhoom on Friday to see whether Swasti stays on to give a fitting reply or not!!