Just recently, Kankoo (Snighdha Shrivastava) in Shorr got married to a man of her father’s choice through samuha lagan. Though this seems like a happy beginning of a new chapter in Kankoo’s life, things won’t be as rosy. According to our sources, “Kankoo will have a tough time in adjusting with her in-laws. Except Munjal and his mother, no one likes her in the family. So everyone will ill-treat her just because she cannot talk.”

“Kankoo will have a tough time adjusting with Munjal’s family mainly because of her background. Coming from a poor family, it will be difficult for her to adjust in the rich environment. Apart from that, very few people in their family know that Kankoo can’t talk. Thus, Kankoo has to face all the taunting and ill-treatment from her in-laws,” confirms Snighdha.

As far as Kankoo’s reaction on getting married to a dumb person is concerned she says, “Kankoo was glad to know that her husband too cannot talk. This is because she feels he won’t argue or yell at her if she did anything wrong!”