There is good news for all Laali fans. Shekhar will finally take charge of the (torturous) situation she has been put through thus ending Loha Singh’s tyranny.

Says a source from the show, “There was a need for an immediate twist in the show. Now Shekhar is hell bent on assuming power and taking things under his control. He will now throw Loha Singh out and end all evil. He also plans to throw the other troublemaker Gangiya along with brother Rannvijay out of the house. Shekhar cannot bear Loha Singh’s tricks anymore and now wants to prove his mettle. It is almost like a shift of power and a big twist that the audiences will witness now.”

An actor from the show requesting anonymity confirmed the upcoming track. Says the actor, “Yes, something like this is being planned though we are yet to shoot it.”

Currently the track focuses on Laali’s attempts to get her baby back from the evil Loha Singh and Gangiya. At the same time, Shekhar’s guilt drives him to bring Rekha back to the haveli and he even plans marrying Rekha off to Madhur.