Ever imagined how a raas leela would play out in the year 2060? The latest episode of DID Liíl Masters challenges its talented kids to let their imagination run wild and present futuristic dance performances that transport the audience to the year 2060!

Bringing alive a modern-age Vrindavan, Dharmesh Sir is said to have choreographed a spectacular raas leela act featuring liíl Ruturaj and Vaishnavi as Krishna and Gopi. Set to a hip, trendy remix of the classical tune Kaahe Chhed Mohe from the film Devdas, Dharmeshís new-age interpretation of the raas leela is infused with elements of hip-hop. Giving this dance act a standing ovation, Master Remo Dísouza who appeared on the sets as a guest judge said ďNow, thatís what I call a performance!Ē Catch this action and more on DID Liíl Masters at 9.30 pm every Friday and Saturday on Zee TV.