June 24|2010

Love is in the air for Maan and Geet on STAR One’s Geet - Hui Sabsey Parayi. Maan is developing love and care for Geet but at the same time he is fighting himself about his growing attraction towards Geet. And, for the first time, the two would be dancing to a very intimate song Kurbaan Hua…

We just spoke to Maan Singh Khurana about his new attraction.

How was your experience dancing with Geet?
For the first time I would be dancing with Geet and it was a great experience. Geet is a very good dancer and Maan for the first time became very romantic in the party.

About your chemistry with Geet
It's months since I have known Geet and now Maan is getting closer to her. Sometimes she irritates him a lot and he wonders why this is happening. But now this angry young man is getting emotional for Geet.

So rate Geet’s look for the party as Maan and as Gurmeet for us...
For the first time Geet is looking so beautiful in a saree that I am completely taken aback with her looks because I have seen her in Kurtis but here in white sari she looks completely different. Maan fida ho gaya hoon! As Gurmeet I have told Drashti that she is looking mind blowing, the white colour suits her.

Geet – first time in a white saree – what’s Maan’s reaction?
This is first time that at a formal party a girl is wearing a white sari and so this is Maan’s reaction. As usual he gets angry with her but somehow he gets attracted as for the first time he sees her in sari and now, slowly, I am liking her a lot.

Why did you ask Geet to host the party?
I know Geet is very good and hard working girl but sometimes I get annoyed with her but still I know she will work to make this office party successful but at same I am falling in love with her.

Tell us about Maan getting attracted towards Geet?
Yes, I am getting attracted to her but I don’t see a reason why I am attracted. Perhaps it's her innocence.

What changes have you seen in Geet personality in this new city? How different is she now?
Earlier she used to suffer everything at the cost of her family’s pride and now I respect her decision to start her new life. I am seeing that she is working hard to get on her feet. She is no more sehmi sehmi (scared).

With whom would you discuss your feelings for Geet?
I am very lonesome in life and I don’t like to share anything with anyone but at same time I am fighting myself, asking why I am getting attracted to her. I won’t say anything even to my grandmother.

Seeing your attraction towards Geet, what would Sasha do to divert the attention?
Sasha will create problems for Geet because she can't bear to see my closeness to Geet and as a result of this she is very jealous and so she will try all possible ways to get rid of Geet.

Tell us Maan Singh Khurana's secret of being so stylish and elegant.
Maan Singh Khurana is a business man who has set up the business empire on his own and so he has to be stylish and elegant!

And tell us about Maan’s temper
I have my past... When you know of it, you'll know why I have this temper. And why I dislike women.

As Gurmeet, what do you want for Maan and Geet? Where do you hope to see them?
As Gurmeet Choudhary I want Maan and Geet to be united. Both characters are distinct but yet they share a good chemistry.

Meanwhile Maan’s popularity is increasing day by day and so here are some of his fans' comments:

Jasmine Prakash says in the fan page on Facebook: "So cute. The episode of saying sorry by Maan to Geet was so sweet. it was so awesome. And when he is in rude attitue he looks more handsome. I m liking it… Sorry pehli baar Geet.. ghuma.. ladki..
“I have never said sorry to anyone in my life but this time I felt that Geet was right and I am thankful that Jasmine as watched this scene very closely.

Wow! Maan you are such a great actor. I love your acting. You even act through your eyes man your expression your attitude a big wowww for that.......Drashti you are such a natural actress dear. Love your acting, from Amna on our site fan mail.

And to this our hero replies: “Thanks Amna for praising me a lot."

Another fan writes: "Hey Maan your eyes are so bloody expressive... Haaa they just make me go weak on my knees...Hey Maan aks Gurmeet didn't realise that you could look so hooooooot in those stubles and those ultra formal clothes so different from your other looks in other serials.. Nobody could have done better than you. Geet you compliment him so much you are so naive and divinely beautiful... Marry Maan Geet he is the best... says Chitralekha
Gurmeet says: "Really? My eyes are expressive? Well, I am glad..."

As per the ongoing track Maan’s client insists on giving his project to Geet and not Sasha as he is impressed with Geet’s ideas. Dev is shocked to see Naintara home but she avoids him as she is angry with him for cheating on her. Geet fears handling the project but Maan orders her to take it up and tells her to arrange a party for the client. Geet and Dev make bookings for different party halls in the same hotel.

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