Star Plus’s ‘Zara Nachke Dikha’’ seems to be jinxed for the ‘Mastkalandar’ team this time. What with Angad Hasija bidding adieu and Siddhesh being tagged by the rival team, the boys definitely seem to be short of good dancers. Add to that the perennial problem of injuries that has been plaguing the boys from the very start of the show and their cup of woes do seem to be filled to the brim. But wait! That is not all! The Mastkalandar boys have yet another problem in store for them now…

A source says, “Sushant Rajput had injured his ankle which swelled up while he was practicing for Zara… ,on Monday night. He was actually going to perform two acts for the episode after Angad’s Elimination. But now the pain in his injured ankle, which had to be plastered, has made him feel really helpless. The Mastkalandar boys will be in for a tough time next week , as one more strong contender, will not be able to perform for their team.”

We called Sushant and he said, “It’s indeed painful that I am injured and won’t be able to practice and perform for my group. I feel like cutting my plaster open and continuing with my practice. But the doctor had strictly warned me not to tamper with it until it heals completely. So I am helpless.”

Well, we cannot change fate! But FC certainly wishes all the ‘Mastkalandar’ boys all the very best!