Finally, Uttaran will move ahead with new drama in the show where in a shabby girl enters the Thakur house to claim she is Jogi Thakur’s (Ayub Khan) second daughter.

Our source from the show says, “We have been looking for a fresh face for many days. It took us time to find a girl as strong as Tapasya and Ichcha as she will be portraying their sister in the show. Nitika Sharma has barely worked in television in the past, she came in for a look test and the channel approved her so she is on the show. She is expected to begin shoot from tomorrow onwards and her entry will be shown in Thursday’s episode.”

After Jogi and Divya’s wedding anniversary celebration the new entry will be a shocker to the Thakur family. “Nitika will enter in untidy clothes and everyone thinks she is a maid looking for work. However she claims she is Jogi Thakur’s daughter. The mystery about her background and her claims will be revealed later in the show and the focus of the story will remain on her for the time being,” the source adds.

It is said that Nitika’s character may have grey shades, whether the family will accept her as their daughter or not remains to be seen.