Ram Kapoor has decided to quit Bade Acche Lagte Hai. On his recent visit to the DT office, he explained why he decided to quit the show, which got him a lot of female fan following.

"When I had signed on, the show was for only one year. Ekta had made it clear that it was a one-year show. But it became so big that one year became two and then three. Finally, when my three years came to a close and I found out that the show has got an extension, I immediately spoke to Ekta, and said, 'Now I definitely can't give time because I have too much travel to do since I've signed two-three films.' She has heard me out and she has decided to do something that won't use too much of my time. For me, it will be over. After that, the show might go on. I'll shoot for a few more days and finish my bit," he revealed, adding, "Ekta was expecting it. She was okay with it and quite accommodating."

Ram Kapoor also spoke about how the track of the show went haywire after the first year, and got a lot of criticism because of its numerous leaps and its focus shifting to other characters. "After the first year it was never really the same. Ekta had a very clear 150-episodes story with a great beginning, middle and end. That was a beautiful story and the reason why Sakshi and I had said yes to the show. That's also why the show was loved in the first year. Once it became a hit, the channel said we have to continue with it, and then new stories were created. The show was supposed to end when we finally fell in love and consummated our marriage - that huge scene was supposed to be the culmination of the show. You know, in films, in a play or a book, you are very much aware of the graph, the beginning, the middle and the end, but in TV, it just keeps going on. The stories drag because you are creating more and more episodes. You can't help that because it's part and parcel of TV," he adds.