TV actress Deepika Singh is all set to wed her show's director Rohit Raj Goyal, who she met when she was finally picked for the role she became known for. Deepika confirms, "Rohit and I are getting married in the first week of May in Mumbai. It will be a love-cum-arranged marriage."

When she joined the show, she was a complete newcomer while Rohit had been directing serials for quite a while by then. The two grew close over the last year after her sister's marriage.

She shares, "We both belong to Delhi and have similar cultural and traditional backgrounds. We believe in the idea that a relationship is for keeps and that there is nothing to hide about a relationship. My parents met him at my sister's wedding and liked him a lot. His family liked me as well and our families thought we'd be a good match. And when I made plans to go on a holiday alone in May, Rohit asked me if instead of a holiday, we should get married and I agreed."

Deepika recalls how she fell for her director. "When I first met him on the set, I used to be quite vocal about my thoughts and being from Delhi, I'd be quite moohfat in my thoughts with him, have cute fights with him and was never afraid of him. But he really moulded me and shaped my career as an actress. Rohit is a genuine person, he's someone you can trust and he really respects a woman. In my case, you can say that behind a successful woman, there is a man," she says.

Ask her if she will continue to work after she gets married and she says, "Of course."