Former Bigg Boss contestant Imam Siddique is controversy's favourite child. After facing flak for misbehaving on the reality show and irking host Salman Khan several times, Imam has embroiled himself in another controversy. The fashion stylist has indulged in a war of words with fashion blogger Dimpy Kapur just because she refused to recognize him.

A Hindustan Times report says that Dimpy was at an event in Delhi and hence she did not feature him in her fashion blog. This apparently hurt Imam's ego and he reportedly asked her why she did not feature him. Dimpy was bold enough to admit that she does not know who he is and this infuriated him.

Quoting Dimpy, the HT report says that he spammed her walls with his media releases. Hence, she blocked him and asked him to stop wasting her time.

Further to reports, Imam has justified himself and said that he was joking with her about giving him a cold shoulder and she did not get his joke. He has also asked his followers and fans not to take what she says about fashion seriously.