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Thread: I知 not allowed to date anyone: Anas Rashid

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    Default I知 not allowed to date anyone: Anas Rashid

    TV actor Anas Rashid was recently spotted with his rumoured girlfriend Rati Pandey in Dubai at an event. But, yet again, Anas denies being in a relationship with Rati.

    "She was the only person I knew in Dubai and so obviously I would go out with her. Rati is an old friend," he says, dismissing all wedding rumours. He adds, "I will never marry a girl who is not my parents' choice. I come from a family that does not even allow being cosy with your wife or fiancee in public. There is no concept of dating in my dictionary because I have never dated any girl in my life nor am I allowed to date. I can never have girlfriends or affairs. In my family, seedha shaadi ka system hai. Even after engagement, we are not allowed to come close to our partner. Our family is traditional and I want to follow that." Wonder what Rati has to say about this.

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