The upcoming episode of Boogie Woogie will see contestant Priyanka Tapadar grooving on the stage with the beautiful Sonam Kapoor.

The charming actress will make an appearance on the show with the talented Ayushman Khurana to promote their upcoming movie Bewakoofiyaan. The special episode dedicated to the iconic superstars of Bollywood will see contestants dressed as Raj Kapoor's Joker, Gabbar and many more.

Priyanka's rocking performance on Aa ante aamlapuram will be highly appreciated by the guests and judges. Overwhelmed by the performance Sonam Kapoor will compliment her and say, "You remind me of the great dancer Aruna Irani". Later, both the actors will be seen shaking a leg with Priyanka on the song Khamakhaan from their upcoming movie leaving the audience asking for more.