Star Plus' 'Mad in India- 100 Desi Show' has been spreading the madness since its launch and there is surely more craziness expected.

But what happens when the music industry's two completely opposite personalities share the same stage? One is bound to witness a war and that is exactly what happened. When the singing sensation Udit Natayan, who has managed to draw a connect with his brilliant voice and the Punjabi heartthrob Mika Singh, who sang his way through many hearts decided to get down on the floor to compete with each other it left the audience in a laughter riot.

Yes, this was some serious business which eventually turned into a laughter gas. When Manish Paul requested the two to sing, Udit and Mika got into a fun war of songs, where the two sang the same songs in many languages. To everyone's surprise they sang in Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati and more!

We wonder if this was all in the name of fun or the two were trying to hint at something else. All we say is War chhod na yaar!

Watch all the fun in the upcoming episode of Mad in India only on Star Plus every Sunday at 9:00pm.