Jaya Bachchan produced the hit sitcom Dekh Bhai Dekh (DBD) in 1993. And now 20 years later as she makes her acting debut on the small screen, she also reunites with some of the cast of that show.

We hear that Urvashi Dholakia (DBD's Shilpa) and Vishal Singh (he played Sanju on the show), who had played lovers in DBD, have been approached and if they accept, will be seen as bhabhi and devar on the new show.

Based on a popular Gujarati novel, the serial will see Jaya play an estranged wife, who brings her children up three sons and one daughter single-handedly. While Urvashi didn't revert to our message, Vishal said, "I was out of town and know nothing about this."

Meanwhile, actress Aasiya Kazi has been finalised to play Vishal's wife on the show.