Test your Mettle, in the Ultimate Battle. A battle of wits, of integrity, of existence amongst most basic of elements. While few will falter and others will stumble, only One will make it across the path to blazing glory, to win ‘SURVIVOR INDIA – THE ULTIMATE BATTLE’.

‘Survivor’ is a reality television game show that enjoys popularity in several countries across the world. Premiered 11 years ago in the USA, it has completed 21 seasons there, and has been successfully produced in over 48 countries worldwide.

‘SURVIVOR INDIA – THE ULTIMATE BATTLE’ will test the spirit of 20 ordinary, yet extraordinary people, marooned on an uninhabited tropical island.

While the contestants will catch their own food, build their own shelter and order their own society, they will be pitted against each other in tests of strategy and guile. Every episode the contestants will gather to vote one from amongst them off the island. In never before seen conditions on Indian Television, nineteen competitors will leave the island, while One will emerge triumphant ...the sole SURVIVOR.