MTV kick-starts a adventure-filled thrilling biking reality show with ‘MTV Stunt Mania Reloaded’ – The Himalayan Challenge on July 24. With the stunt academy set in the picturesque and rough terrains of Manali, this year the show will be hosted by Anushkha Manchanda, winner of Fear Factor and Bollywood stunt guru Allan Amin. Joining them will be four hot squad leaders (sizzling the channel claims), leading their teams of three stunt bikers each.

Says hostess Anushkha, ‎”I'm super kicked about being part of this. The experiences I've had shooting this show along with Allan Amin have been phenomenal. I love adventure and have just started biking... and I've learnt some awesome stunts myself. This is going to be a killer season!”

Allan Amin who was part of the first season as well says, “The first season was about contestants testing themselves on their vigour and valour and about getting acquainted with their bikes. In the second season the contestants, now after having mastered the art of stunt biking are all ready to take on the Himalayan Challenge. So some spine chilling stunts are definitely in store!”

In its 2nd season, MTV presented auditions for Stunt Mania Reloaded, with the Stunt Mania ‘Rockathon’ - India’s first Bike and Rock Festival. Twelve contestants and four squad leaders were handpicked for the ultimate biking face-off! With teams like ‘Black Demon’, ‘Real Pychos’, Silver Psychedelics’ and ‘Fire Dragons’, Stunt Mania Reloaded is all set to vroom reality television to the next level. Tasks that have been braved by the contestants range from ‘Rafting’ where a fast deflating raft carries the squad leader, while the riders need to face land mines and rapids, even to the famous ‘maut ka kua’.