STAR One will soon start the 3rd Season of Horror nights...Yes guys! 'Shhh...Phir Koi Hai' is back with a new season, on STAR One...

From this March, every Fri-Sat 10pm on STAR One.

Murli Sharma in Ssshhh Phir Koi Hai

Murli Sharma, a person well known for playing antagonist, is part of Season 3 of Shh Koi Hai …
Murli Sharma who is known to play a bad guy, is a part of Star One’s Ssshhh Phir Koi Hai Season 3. He is someone who has many movies and few TV soaps to his credit.

When contacted, Murli Sharma confirmed the news saying, “Yes I am a part of the show, but I don’t know the details about my character. I can only say that I am playing a bad guy. I have taken up this show because Abhimanyu Singh the Producer of the show is a very good friend of mine.”

Apart from Murli Sharma, Gauri Tonk is also a part of the show. She is coming back to daily soaps after a long gap and Sandeep Rajora will be starring opposite her.

We contacted producer Abhimanyu Singh but he refused to comment.

The show is expected to launch on 5th March. This season it will be a long running story.

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