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1st January, 2010 will mark the entry of YRF TV, a subsidiary of India’s premier studio – Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. YRF TV will bring the same high quality, differentiated, contemporary yet rooted content which its parent company is known for, for the Indian television viewers in the form of 5 new shows – “1 non-fiction and 4 fiction” on SONY Entertainment Television (now Multi Screen Media Private Limited) – India’s leading television broadcaster.

The offering from YRF TV will be “distinct” in their look, feel, colour, sound and language, with fresh, contemporary and engaging storylines - these shows reflect the dreams, aspirations & passion of today’s young India and are attuned to deliver “a unique and novel television viewing experience” which will not only appeal to the existing viewersbut bring new viewers to television. The shows combine the best of modern technology, scale and the exceptional story telling skills of YRF.

Lift Kara De: 20 Weeks, 20 of India’s Biggest Super-Stars, will change lives. This will be the mother of all reality shows. Hosted by one of India’s finest directors and talk-show host – Karan Johar, each week will feature 1 Super-Star and their biggest fan. A never seen before concept, a never seen before Super-Star line-up, Lift Kara De will capture every heart and re-define the scale on Indian television.
Mahi Way: Story of a young, 25 year old girl of today – Mahi – who wants what every girl her age wants – a successful career, meet her prince charming, make a name for herself in the world and she wants all this being “herself”. Positive, bubbling with energy, she is supremely confident and in-spite of all the odds, she will march towards her dream, and India will applaud her all the way.

Rishta.Com: In a country with millions of young people, finding that special one is not really that easy – Rohan & Isha – both young and ambitious have joined hands to do just that – find people that perfect match. Rohan is charming, has flair & finesse like any young guy of today while Isha is an idealist, emotional and believes in romance. Sparks will fly as these 2 partners will come together to help as India searches for their perfect life partner. And everyone is invited.

SEVEN: 7 Ancient Sages, 7 Special Powers, 7 Doomed Destinies, 1 Ultimate battle of Good Vs Evil – inspired by msonyythology, set in today’s world. It explores the journey of 7 ordinary people with extra-ordinary powers and their quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save the world from evil forces. A special effect visual extravaganza - SEVEN will dazzle the viewers and create a new benchmark of visual and sound wizardry on Indian Television.

Powder: 2 Men on 2 different sides of the law – One gritty battle for supremacy. Set against the narcotic trade with India’s most celebrated city - Mumbai as a backdrop, this epic drama explores the varied human emotions – Greed, Loyalty, Power, Friendship, Passion, Love & Betrayal and a never seen before presentation which moves from murky by-lanes to glitzy high rises, from ordinary people to power players, from those who believe in might, to those in what’s right, it will keep India on the edge as the 2 Men take a fight all the way to the end.

Starting 1st January, 2010 Television viewing will never be the same again.

"YRF Television" - TV Shows - First Look Promo

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffb65VywIDc"]YouTube- "YRF Television" - TV Shows - First Look Promo[/ame]

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9P_3uuZu4s"]YouTube- Launch of "YRF Television"[/ame]