Starts 25th Sep, Every Fri, 8 - 9 PM

Shree Adi Manav is a story of three friends who are incomplete without each other but together they are more than complete.Shreedhar Agarkar is blind..he lives in a lavish villa which belongs to his uncle with his two friends Adi and Manav.He is a perfectionist by nature and also a economist who always thinks in terms of budgets.He has everything calculated even the steps that he walks..
Aditya Tendulkar is deaf, but he is oversmart, over confident and over optimistic. Most of the time repeats what others say because he cannot hear .He speaks with Manav in signals and gestures and creates very funny situation by misunderstanding them..
Manav kambli is dumb.He is a pessimist who is always scared and thinks negatively in any given situation.He is a complete foodie who keeps on munching something or the other and talks to everybody in signals and gestures which are misunderstood like itís always a game of dumb charades.
The three friends were not deaf, dumb and blind by birth but it happened to them due to an accident in which Shree lost his sight, Adi his ability to hear and Manav his ability to speak.Yet the three friends merrily live with each other trying to overcome their handicaps with each otherís help.
They have decided that they will not let anybody know of their handicaps as they do not want anybodyís sympathy.As they are broke they try to do various businesses in the most hilarious ways creating ripples of laughter..
Some times they become detectives ,and sometimes janitoír, sometimes they land up in jail and sometimes become news reporters,sometimes they are into baby sitting and sometimes they sometimes they start a courier service but everytimes there is chaos and confusion and the funniest scenes take place as Shree Adi and Manav get on to a new venture making a adventure out of it and then get back to square one.. Yet with a never say die spirit they keep on going, the way only they can..cheerio..!!!