Timings: Monday to Friday - 7pm (IST)

Shraddha is a story about a girl named Shraddha who lives in a small town Ujjain. Shraddha means devotion, and as the name of the show and the girl suggests it’s about the devotion of a girl to her parents; devotion of a girl towards GOD; and devotion towards fulfilling all the wishes of her family.

As the show is based in Ujjain, the holy place for the Hindus, the biggest USP of the show is its religious and spiritual approach towards life. Shraddha’s parents’ life long wish is to visit the char dhams that are situated in the four corners of our country - namely Dwaraka (west), Kedar-Badrinath (north), Puri (east) & Rameshwaram (south). Shraddha’s main aim is to fulfill their wish. When everyone else pulls back their hands to take this responsibility; on the footsteps of the famous mythological son Shravan Kumar, Shraddha decides to take her parents for the visit. A girl who never stepped out of her town; who never even faced the hardships of this world, now decides to step in all the four corners of the country. With her blind mother and old father Shraddha begins the journey of faith and devotion – a journey of dedication towards God and towards his form in this world called parents.

Jagdish Jaiswal (60 years): Jagdish Jaiswal, essentially the Ram of the family. A simple man with a few needs, Jagdish Jaiswal the eldest son and now the oldest member of the family is a religious person.

Laxmi Jaiswal (55): The Sita of the family, Laxmi is a small town lady by heart; sweet, simple, innocent and extremely religious. She is a housewife and from the very beginning, a very responsible person. At every step, she stood by Jagdish and helped and supported him.

Santosh Jaiswal (32): Santosh Jaiswal, Jagdish and Laxmi’s eldest son is known as Sannu in the house. He is a simple and a soft spoken person but extremely insecure and weak. He is easily influenced by stronger minds around.

Namrata Jaiswal (28)
Namrata is Santosh’s dominating wife and family’s eldest daughter in law. Namrata belonged to a small village near Ujjain.

Manoj Jaiswal (28): Manoj, popularly known as Mannu in the house, is tall and well built. He is Jagdish’s second eldest son. Unlike his elder brother, he is very ambitious, short-tempered and insidious almost.

Rama Jaiswal (25): Rama is Manoj’s wife and just like the Jaiswals comes from a business community family. Her parents are just a little wealthier than the Jaiswals. She is very beautiful and arrogant both about her family’s better standing and her looks.

Ashok Jaiswal (24): Ashok is Jagdish’s youngest son and hence the pampered child of the family. He is handsome and very sophisticated, mostly in appearance and outwardly manners.

Shraddha (20) (Protogonist): She is the Shravan Kumar of our story. She is pretty to look at and simple and innocent by nature. She is a typical small town girl who loves her parents more than anything else. She is her parents’ favorite and the only one to have been inculcated with the good values that her parents possess. As is evident, she is very attached to her family; calls her eldest brothers Santosh, Sannu Bhaiya and Manoj, Mannu bhaiya. Their wives dislike Shraddha but her innocence doesn’t allow her to understand their true deceitful personalities. Her simplicity doesn’t allow her to have enemies and shields her from all the negativity and bitterness that abounds her. She shares a great relationship with the grandchildren of the family which is only natural considering that her childish innocence the most evident trait in her personality.

Swayam (23) (Lead)
Dev, the hero of our story, lives in Ujjain. A handsome young man, he is nice, caring and tough from within. He respects elders like his own parents and has seen a lot of tough times and undergone incredible trauma since the age of 5. As a child, he lived in a small village in Madhya Pradesh with his parents. When he was only 5, there was a flood in his village which wiped the village clean. When he regained his senses, he found himself in a relief camp where he was burning up in high fever. He told about his parents to the Govt. authorities but no one around had a clue. After a few days, he was left at an orphanage from where he was later adopted by a Christian couple who could not conceive. All three now live quite happily and contentedly in Ujjain. The Christian couple have accepted him as his own but never compelled him to adopt Christianity as they knew that he is a Hindu child. A lot of times, he wakes up with a start from his sleep when the same incident plays itself as a terrible nightmare. Even today, he remembers and wants to meet his long lost parents and siblings.