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    You and me,
    Together forever we will be;
    As long as there is Heaven and Hell,
    We will always be well;

    Every time I look into your eyes,
    I know my heart never lies;
    About the way my love for you is true,
    And for that love of you anything I would do;

    When I feel the sweet feel of your touch,
    It just makes me want you so much;
    Inside my arms,
    So I may protect you from all harms;

    Even when the world is over,
    Only one thing will still hover;
    And that thing will always be,
    The love between you and me.

    I cant explain the way I feel for you
    With any words I say or actions I do
    I don't know if you can really see
    That you mean everything to me

    Your the one I've been looking for
    And now I've got you I wont look anymore
    I'd never cheat & would never lie
    Because I don't want what we have to die

    I hope whenever I see you my heart beats fast
    Like it does now, I hope this feeling lasts
    I cant imagine not wanting to see your face
    Or that being without you will be my better place

    If I'm upset or feeling alone
    I run to your arms and with you I'm at home
    Happiness and smiles is all that you bring
    I know this is real love not a school-girl fling

    I cant wait to spend each day together
    I cant wait till you say me and you is forever
    I love you, I'll keep saying it so you'll see
    Your my one and only love, its forever you and me.
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