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    Default Life is Beautiful

    Life is not a bed of roses
    Neither full of thorns
    It's beautiful
    It's wonderful
    Needed to be careful

    Life is aim
    Aiming for fame
    Hard working in pain
    Sometimes in vain
    But no pain no gain

    Life is hope
    Loosing hope
    They're looser
    Wiser ones hope
    They're winner

    Life is battleship
    Having kingship
    In times of wars
    Citizen's patriotism
    Protects country ship

    Life is relationship
    Here we make friendship
    Some are friendly
    And are trustworthy
    Out of many, they're few

    Life is a challenge
    Its full of ups and downs
    One being brave
    One being wise
    Wins the challenge

    Life is Love
    Love for one's parents
    Love for one's childrens
    Love among lovers
    And to live life, its love

    Life is a gift of God
    It's only life to live
    Let love rule our life
    To make life wonderful
    As life is beautiful!!
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