Me and the rain

On a rainy morning
When the sun was hiding
I was out in the open
Drenched from top to bottom

My love had asked me to meet
Our usual place in the field
Behind the wind mill
Under the cedar tree

It was a lovely place
Near the quiet lake
Where the lovebirds met
When the sun is about to set

But nobody was there today
Just the rain and me
Been waiting the whole day
but she had never been late

Then She came running
i reached out and pulled her to me
She was breathing heavily
Her eyes were watery

She then moved away
And opened her wet hands
She gave me the chain
I gave her on our first date

I looked in her eyes
And she looked in mine
I understood what she didn't say
She realised, turned, ran away

I stood there for hours
Holding my hart in my hand
I didn't know how to cry
For with her I always smiled

I thank god it rained
Oh I just love the rain
for It hid my tears,
It hid my pain

That day that rain
those tears and that pain
The rain stopped then
but in my eyes it still rains