Have you ever looked at your own mirror closely? Yes, the one in your bedroom. The one that reflects your coolest outfits and the most terrorizing ones too. Yes, that very mirror is your true friend and reflects everything as it is. Without mincing words. It is neither praising you nor denouncing you. It is neither flattering you or putting you down. It is only reflecting the truth…your truth…

But what is your truth?

The mirror reflects the choices you have made in your life. When you stare at the mirror long and hard, what you will see are the very choices that you have made in your life. Your choices have made you the person you are! A scar here, for saving a kitten caught in a tree, a frown there for not getting a thank you for your efforts from your boss, a twinkle here for the pleasant memories spent with your little child. Yes the story goes on…and it is the story of your choices.

If you have eaten all your life, with no heed to the body. Stuffing yourself with things that taste good and have not respected your body and mind’s need for the right, balanced nutrition…The mirror will tell you.

If you worry a lot about things that mostly may never happen… The mirror will tell you.

If you have led your life in fear…of taking risks, what people will say…of failure…The mirror will tell you.

If you lead your life with authenticity…The mirror will tell you…

If you lead your life with awareness, responsibility and a sense of purpose… The mirror will tell you.

The choices we make may not only be about the seemingly important things like buying the right house in the right school district or buying the right car with the perfect mileage.

The more subtle choices that are really making our life… are whether the choices we have made so far brought us closer to understanding the goal of human life and how far away are we from realizing it. One day our mirror will reflect back nothing. For the truth then will be of only nothingness and silence. There will be nobody standing before it….

We all come alone and leave alone…and that is the simplest of truths.

So, what is your mirror telling you now?