Whenever we feel unfairly attacked or unceremoniously insulted, our innate reaction is to answer or fight back with immediate effect. Our sense of injustice propels us to a vigorous course of action with a relentless pursuit of our perpetrators; but at what cost to our sense of mental and emotional well being?

Even if we manage to overturn a wrong accusation, there always seem to remain a lingering feeling of sadness and frustration for being vindicated in the first place. The alternative course of action is to remain idle and do nothing, but such an option can only prolong ones’ misery and sink us deeper into a sense of victimisation. It’s almost as though whether we react or do nothing, both outcomes move us from our balanced state of mind. So in such a given situation, what is one supposed to do?

As always, Yoga provides a simple answer to all our problems in life. Yoga shows us a way to react with courage, dignity and composure, yet still maintain a strong sense of urgency and conviction in our response. Yoga teaches us to utilise our silence in a powerful manner, which shakes our attackers to the very core of their being. Let me explain further.

Words can never express the full nature of our true feelings or emotional state. Indeed words can only give rise to more words in response, and thus result in a further sense of energy dissipation and separateness from those around us. Have you ever noticed how in modern times, when we indulge in long email exchanges at work, very quickly, the focus and intent of the initial email is lost, and our conversations end up without any clarity of focus or direction? Simple issues become grossly distorted and nothing very seems to get resolved.

The ancient Yogis knew the phenomenon of the mind and how words could only ever confuse a volatile situation. Words are thought in the brain, spoken by the mouth, listened by the ears and then processed in the brains once again. The whole communication with words is entirely focussed around the body and is derived purely from the space of our head. The problem lies in that feelings and emotions don’t materialise in the head, they grow from the heart, and words can never truly represent what the heart is saying. It can come close, but there will always be some distance, and hence why using more words to resolve a dispute usually only intensifies the situation. Words should only be used to make your point but nothing more.

Silence does not use any of our bodily facets; it comes straight from and can only be experienced by the heart. The silence we are speaking about here is not the type that comes from meekness or timidity, on the contrary, this silence comes from forcefulness and complete awareness. Such a silence, withdraws us from the gross body level and takes us inwards into the very essence of our being. We unite with our higher conscious mind at a level where we are all connected at a very subtle level. From this space, it is very easy to convey your true feelings to all those around you.

Your hurt and anger can be felt by others. Your sadness and disappointment is transferred onto those who initiated your pain. At the level of the heart, the truth can never be distorted or compromised. Words, actions and gestures may have hidden meanings or agendas, but the heart can only speak the truth.

By becoming strong within yourself, and growing a strong faith and conviction in the power of your very being, you can move mountains through the power of your consciousness. Your attackers will feel your innate truth burning in the depths of their own consciousness. Until they rectify the wrong they have caused, the truth will eat away at their very existence and whatever anguish they have caused you, will only be multiplied by what they begin to feel themselves. The only solution for your attackers would be take the right actions from now on end, if anything for their own salvation.

The application of silence is a powerful and skilful tool which the yogis teach through various meditative techniques and sutras written in the scriptures. Silence teaches us to unite with our universal selves and unite with everybody on the same subtle level. The same way you cannot hit your own body and start fighting yourself, no other person can also attack you, once you truly connect with them. In doing so, they only harm themselves. Yogic silence teaches us in reality there is no “other” person, just one infinite energy, we call life.

Never confuse this powerful silence or meditative state with passiveness or weakness. Yogic silence is both our shield and sword in fighting for the truth; a yogi never takes a backwards step, yet always maintains an aura of peace, love, strength and compassion. We too can do the same, when we learn to apply these ancient techniques. The philosophy of Yoga is more relevant today than at any other times, learning its hidden secrets is what makes us indestructible in this very lifetime. Silence can only speak one language, the truth; faith in its powers is what can protect us from any situation at any moment in time.