Have you ever noticed that throughout our entire lives we are governed by 2 simple phrases; “thank you” and “sorry”. Thing about it, someone may upset us through hurtful words, evil actions or bad intentions but so long as we hear the word “sorry” after the event, we regain our composure.

The same way, once we accomplish a good deed or produce a good action, our happiness is never really complete until we heard the words “thank you” flowing in our direction. Not hearing our “thank you” or “sorry” can remove us from our centredness and leave us in misery for days (in some cases even years).

Why does mankind give others so much authority over our feelings, simply through the depiction of these 2 words? Some may praise out of sincerity, for others they may speak from a very superficial level, either way we remain a puppet in the hands of the outside world. At any one time, we can never truly determine what someone will say, nor how they will react to us on a daily basis.

So instead of keeping our happiness on such a fickle basis, why not rely on ourselves to decide how we are going to feel. Whether we hear a “sorry” or “thank you”, wouldn’t it be great if we remained unmoved and balanced no matter what. A simple change in our mindset can empower our lives to an unimaginable level. Besides, surely it is much easier to change ourselves, than it is to change the words and feelings of everyone around us.