Ego is a sense of seperateness, a sense of identity. There are three ways to see ego.

1. Ego is identity. I am this. This is one ego.

2. Ego is also I am not this.

3. Ego is also I am seperate from others.

How to dissolve this ego?

Either you expand your ego. I am this, I am that, I am that too. For instance, one ego is that you think you are an officer. But if you are stuck with only being an officer, and you come home and be officer to your kids and wife, you create a problem. Suppose you are a major or colonel in the military, and if you behave with your family in the same role, then you are stuck in your ego of being an army officer. Your one identity is that you are a colonel, but you are a father/mother with your children, you are a husband/wife with your spouse, you are a son/daughter with your parents and so many. When you balance all these identities in your life giving equal importance to all these, that is the way you dissolve your ego. Ego is getting stuck with any one identity. From that limited identity to identify with the unlimited divinity is the path of expanding, or you can call it dissolving identity. So you move from me to Aham Brahaman, I am somebody to becoming I am nobody, and I am nobody to I am everybody. Now this looks very philosophical. You canít go to your office and say that you are nobody, nor can you say at your home that you are everybody. It is not going to work. So, the simple way to counter ego is to be natural. Ego makes you feel uncomfortable, unnatural and seperate. Egolessness,or expanded ego or transformed ego is being at home, being natural with everyone in every circumstances. Rather, it is being like a child.

If you find you have any ego, then donít try to dissolve it. You can keep it in your pocket. Donít meddle with it, and donít bother about it. Let it be there