How can this be happening again?
Everything exploding, no one around to lend a hand
Falling back down, hitting the ground hard
Back to where I started, low and scarred
Bruised and cut, from falling to fast.
Bringing back the memories of how this was like the past
Laying on the ground, not wanting to be lifted.
Drowning in water because the tides have shifted.
Not wanting to get up, only to be pushed back down
Back to where I was, back to the ground
To weak to move, eyes to swollen from crying.
Lungs refuse to breathe, no matter how hard they're trying
Heart so weak, it's busted open, bleeding
And the hand that holds it, just keeps squeezing
Squeezing it filled with aches and pains
I lay there still, as if held down by chains
It just hurts to much to move, even an inch
Pain stabs through me, makes me flinch
So, i'll stay here till it gets better
We all know life changes like the weather
But for now, as life takes it's wrong turn
I'll just stay here, waiting to learn
About how everything went wrong
But how I still need to stay strong
Because nothing is lower then the ground
Especially when you need a break down.
I am going to smile like nothing is wrong,
talk like everything is perfect,act like it's all dream, and pretend it's not hurting me!!