People tell me
Try to laugh at life

I smile
and find joy in children's laughter
the swaying of trees and singing of birds

I close my eyes and sigh
as I hear
trickling water
feeding the earth
growing the food to maintain our existence

Everywhere I look
I find glimpses of beauty-
the root of joy
In all things green and pure

But to laugh at the foolishness of man
the biased hate of black and white
the stomping pride of arrogance
Shameless boasting and obscenity
the whirling laughter of intoxicating power -

In these, there is no joy

The hardness of the human heart!
How many are buried
whose hearts died long ago?

Like hardened earth that leaves no trace of footsteps
unlike soft green grass that
bears the imprint of those who pass

Hardened hearts
blossom into beauty
when truth and softness
cover their darkness with light

We eat, we drink, we sleep, we work,
we love, we hate
our birth is followed by our death
its time unknown

All that's really ours
is what our hands have sent forth
In a world where virtue is scorned

Time passes like sands through an hour glass
like the steady motion of a sinking ship
and we, on board
oblivious to its downward turn

To the very end
are we bent on laughter?

While others weep,
can we smile -
When cries of injustice
echo in our ears?

like so many bubbles of joy
on waves of inhumanity.