Love with wisdom is bliss. Love without knowledge or wisdom is pain. Why is there pain in love? That is what you are wondering or questioning about! It is not love which is giving you pain. If it is just purely love, that means you just care for someone, you want the best for them, and then there is no pain. But when you want something in return from them or you have demands from them, then there is pain. Small things like you love somebody and they didnít smile at you, that is enough! You love somebody and they are interested in someone else, they flirt around or complement someone, good enough for you to burn the next 24 hours or days. Jealousy, hatred, greed, arrogance and attachment are all loveís distortions. Love by itself doesnít bring a misery. That is why knowledge and centeredness are so important. If you centered, you can handle all these distortions, they come for a while and they disappear.
Doesnít matter, you will handle!!!
Just embrace it with a big smile and open arms!!!