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    Way back when
    All the way back
    When we were best friends

    Those days
    Seem so far away
    And I don't know
    What I'm going to do after today

    We used to be so close
    Our friendship so strong
    Best friends forever
    What went wrong

    I miss
    Those days
    We'd talk about anything
    It didn't matter what we say

    So close
    We were
    Now we're so distant
    For sure

    I thought we were getting better
    Doing so well
    You always told me
    Just how you felt

    I don't know you anymore
    So much changing
    I can't handle it
    I'm sitting her crying

    I miss you so much
    I don't want to lose my best friend
    The one who helped me
    And used to lend me helping hand

    The good old days
    I want them back
    I can't loose you..
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