Humor is the buffer that saves you from humiliation. If you have a good sense of humor you can never be humiliated. And if you refuse to be humiliated you become invincible. Humor brings everyone together, while humiliation tears them apart. In a society torn with humiliation and insult, humor is like a breath of fresh air. A good sense of humor relieves you from fear and anxiety.Humor should be coupled with care and concern.

Mere humor without care and concern or appropriate action often irritates those who come to you with serious problems. Humor can keep the spirit high, yet if overdone it leaves a bad taste. Humor without wisdom is shallow. Humor with wisdom creates an atmosphere of celebration. Humor without sensitivity is satire - it comes back to you with more problems.

The wise use humor to bring wisdom and to lighten every situation.The intelligent use humor as a shield against humiliation.The cruel use humor as a sword to insult others.The irresponsible use humor to escape from responsibility.And fools take humor too seriously!To make an effort to be humorous is nonsensical.