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Thread: I Learn To Be Strong!!

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    Default I Learn To Be Strong!!

    Words of wisdom
    come to my ears,
    Telling me what I know in my heart,
    But never wanted to hear.

    With the truth finally said
    and out in the open for me to plainly see,
    I wonder why I can love so deeply
    but never had that love returned back to me.

    I confessed the feelings
    that I held inside for so long,
    But with his soft- hearted rejection,
    I realize I have to be strong.

    With tears that want to flow
    from my eyes,
    I feel that my heart,
    along with my composure, slowly dies.

    While this dramatic side is showing through
    with my ability to question and reason,
    I think I may have found
    something in me that I can believe in.

    Love hurts . . .
    That's what they all say,
    But I will love again
    when all this pain and sorrow goes away.

    So I sit and think of all the things
    this situation has cost,
    And I realize that nothing
    very important has been lost.

    Instead, a learning experience
    has come from all this.
    I've learned that hardly anything
    is more important than my happiness.

    Author : Felicia
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