Life was a dark and lost alley,
Every direction engulfed in a long night,
A magic moment , my eyes opened,
Every corner got illuminated with light ....

In the quest of owning everything ,
Which in reality were my very own,
Craving for all the beautiful flowers,
So many weeds I had sown .....

Love was the biggest puzzle ,
Which always stuck strong in my mind,
When dissolved in my very existence,
No more questions could I find...

Anger , jealousy , hate and envy ...
In all my companions I could see,
When zoomed out I was amazed,
It was I' competing with Me'......

In the search for my guiding light,
I looked out to every corner of earth,
One moment when I looked in,
It was there since my very birth........

I was living on the circumference of a circle,
Going in rounds again and again,
Now I rest peacefully at the center,
All worries just seem in Vain...........