Are you alone in this world?

No you are never alone.

There is always one who loves you.

Does your soul ache with loneliness?

There are many out there, who feel the same.

The despair takes over; it is hard to rise above it.

Do you feel you can no longer go on?

Hope has abandoned you.

There is no light at the end.

Then come to Me.

When you are hurting.

And I will bind your wounds.

When your heart aches.

And feels empty.

I will give you My embrace.

In your need of comfort.

Come to Me.

And I will carry you.

In your deepest sorrow.

When you feel most consumed.

I will wipe your tears.

When you are uncertain of My love.

Turn to Me.

I will speak My heart to you.

I died for you, so you could know hope.

The comfort of My embrace

But most of all My unconditional Love.

Every tear you shed falls into My hand.

I know your pain

Give it to Me and I will fill your heart with joy.