Such a beauty, as they lit up the sky,
Blinking their way, all through the night.
And yet how can people fail to see
Something so lovely
Something to special
In each and every star?
The hidden messages
And mystery behind glitter.

Oh, I wish upon a star.
Upon a fantastic sight of a falling star,
That you could see and feel
My feelings I have hide
Behind each and every
Twinkle twinkle little star.

My darling,
I want you to know
You are every star in my life
And because of that
I fold glow-in-dark paper stars
But I only fold them
when I am thinking of you
because each star represents
five times of I MISS YOU
and five times of I LOVE YOU

Through out the years
Never one failed to fold paper stars
Each time the thought of you cross my mind.

Now folded paper stars filled my room,
All in different glow-in-dark colors,
And if you will to count them,
You will know how much