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    Just Like Death

    Everyday nature provides a tiny glimpse of death to you: your sleep. Death is akin to your sleep. When you are awake you are engaged in various activities, but the moment you hit the bed, what happens to you? Where do you go?

    However your day has been, pleasant or unpleasant, sleep provides you deep rest. Sleep takes you in its arms. It comforts you and makes you fresh to worry again the next day! Sleep heals you, comforts you, and enriches your waking state of consciousness. If you do not sleep, your wakefulness will be dull.

    Death is a friend of life. This does not mean you should commit suicide! So many people commit suicide thinking they will get rid of the anguish, agitation, and agony, but they will be born with the same thing next time. Suicide is not death. Deep desire to live makes you commit suicide. When life is just a game and you have lived life, then you embrace death naturally when it comes. It is the fear of death that dampens life, and there is fear because we do not know what it is.

    Sleep, meditation and love are synonymous to death. You see Christ on the cross; this indicates that love, death, and pain are together.

    What does Death mean? Dropping the past. Die every moment, and you are born every moment. As in sleep, even in meditation, there is deep comfort. And you realize that everything in this Universe is changing; Everything is dying. - plants, animals, and human beings. Everything dies and everything is renewed. Millions have walked on this planet, stood up perpendicular on this planet, sat down perpendicular, and then became horizontal underneath!

    Just wake up and see, what is the fear? Lack of understanding of life causes fear. People are afraid of love, people are afraid of meditation, people are afraid of death, people are afraid of themselves. Ignorance and lack of awareness is the cause of fear.

    No one knows when their last moment is. When the last moment comes, you cannot have a new impression. The last impression or the strongest impression in the mind is what will pop into your mind at the last moment. Don't wait for the last moment to have a good impression!

    Live fully and live every moment ...celebrate life and celebrate death!!

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    Don't you think God did an inadequate job in making us (human beings) too feeble?

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